Work & Co: Digital Products That Transform Clients

03 Nov 2021
2:00 pm

Work & Co: Digital Products That Transform Clients

Founded just 8 short years ago, Work & Co is now 420 people strong, based in 6 locations around the world.

Forrester has called their structure and way of operating as, “a model to follow.” In fact, Fast Company has twice named them to their most Innovative Companies list.

Instead of digital marketing, they’ve carved out a new niche focused on building digital products, services and experiences.

Organizationally, they are broken into engineering, design and product strategy. Within this, they have a unique model for assembling client teams – far flatter, leaner, and senior compared to the typical agency structure. In fact, they have a much greater percentage of senior leaders.

What most informs the new business they pursue? Once a year, they poll their employees to understand what types of clients and projects most excite them. Although they end up passing on 70% of RFP requests, they are a force to pitch against.

Because of their unique model, Work & Co added 30+ new clients in 2020 – one of the toughest years in the agency business.

Join this session as Mohan provides a behind-the-scenes look at their operation and the components that continue to fuel tremendous growth.